Teeth Whitening

According to studies, people with white, straight teeth are 38 percent more likely to be perceived as smart. Teeth whitening can also significantly boost self-confidence. These days, there are many over the counter teeth whitening options. However, many of these DIY solutions miss the mark. Getting your teeth whitened by professionals is the only reliable way to have lasting results. Sign up for a no-obligation teeth whitening consultation at 26th Street Dental today! We offer professional teeth whitening services at an affordable rate in the Santa Monica area.

Teeth Whitening in Santa Monica, CA

The average teeth whitening session at a dentist office is around one hour. This can depend on the personalized whitening program your dentist chooses.

A lot of patient’s notice some sensitivity when undergoing whitening treatments. While some sensitivity is normal, make sure you talk with your dental professional and have a complete exam prior to whitening to make sure your teeth are cavity free and safe to whiten.

Having your teeth professionally whitened is more affordable than you probably think. To receive up to date pricing information, please call our office at (310) 394-2796.
I never thought my teeth could be so white. I was always bothered by the color of my front teeth. I have a completely new smiles after just two sessions of whitening with Dr. Averill. This really works!
Kelly A.
I tried whitening my teeth with over the counter products and I ended up burning my gums with peroxide! I highly recommend consulting a professional dentist before trying to whiten your own teeth.
Ethan S.